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From design to post-installation, experience the ECON difference.

ECON Technologies provides team solutions through a collaboration of experts in sales, engineering, project management and service.  We couple years of industry experience with new-age engineering to design intelligent solutions backed by proven methods. From design to installation, ECON has the resources to not only support every project, but warrant their success.

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ECON starts each engagement by evaluating the fundamentals of a building’s use. We validate the proposed problem—making no assumptions—to ensure we understand the scope of the project. From site evaluations to research, our team conducts a complete analysis of building components, typical loads and energy usage.


Once the eco-structure has been thoroughly analyzed, the ECON engineering team formulates not just a solution, but the best solution. Using a systems-minded approach the team looks at how the design integrates into the existing building. This includes the ease of installation, energy consumption, and system efficiencies. All components in the design are right-sized to ensure peak performance.


As the best solution is developed, the ECON sales team creates a comprehensive proposal. This proposal goes beyond providing a list of parts; it communicates the reason and impact of component selection. ECON’s customer-first philosophy to provide tailored mechanical solutions means our sales team works closely with the project stakeholders to ensure the intelligent design makes sense for everyone. It’s part of the ECON Commitment to never leave a question unanswered.


ECON Technologies has the resources to support our designs from start to finish. From on-site support to ensuring equipment arrives in a timely manner, the team takes full responsibility to turn the design into reality. The ECON team is committed to our work and we stand by our designs, no matter how long the system has been implemented.