Commercial Enterprises

Coca Cola Field, Baseball Stadium

Buffalo, New York

Coca-Cola Baseball Field, home of the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons of the International League in Buffalo New York.


Systems:Hydronic Heating, Boiler Controls


  • Three (3) RBI FlexCore CK-4000 full condensing vertical stainless steel Firetube boilers
  • One (1) RBI Dominator DB-1050 near condensing finned copper-tube two-pass boiler, stacked on top of an existing unit via an ECON custom-designed rack.
  • One (1) common vented flue chimney system for the FlexCore and Dominator designed and sized per draft calculations.

Solution: Factory packaged, high efficiency condensing boilers with cascading operation via the onboard HeatNet 3.0 control system providing boiler redundancy.

Results: Instantaneous demand, n+1 redundancy, increased efficiency


Coca Cola Field is the home of the Buffalo Bisons, a professional minor league baseball team based in Buffalo, New York. This Triple-A affiliate uses a 18,025-seat stadium to host home games. The park features suites, restaurants, tent areas and concession stands. Like other ballparks Coca Cola Field was seeking a solution to modernize equipment, minimize equipment and installation costs, improve reliability and keep operational downtime to a minimum.


The ECON solution took into consideration the latest boiler technology by utilizing three RBI FlexCore CK-4000 boilers. These boilers feature a vertical stainless steel symmetrical firetube heat exchanger that has been specifically designed to provide boiler efficiencies up to 99%. With the use of the RBI HeatNet 3.0 boiler controls platform, a lead/lag cascading boiler sequence of operation could be utilized. The unique boiler features and controls platform gave the customer an industry leading solution.

National Discount Retailer

San Francisco, California

Commercial Entreprise


Systems:Hydronic, Domestic Hot Water

Equipment: Seven (7) 173.5 Hp Boilers

Solution: Pre-fabricated boiler room skid

Results: Simplified installation, improved efficiencies


Typically, commercial systems require custom designed equipment for the application. Projects take a long time to design, requiring intense engineering and several phases to completion. Shutting down the process to retrofit equipment is expensive and typically done in short segments. Technology investment is reserved for production and process with energy consumption being a cost of doing business. The end result of the investment is a repeatable solution that can be easy fit to multiple enterprise locations.


Our team devised a fully modular solution that was implemented as a complete unit. To the owner, this meant facilitating connecting our pre-fabricated boiler room to their building – That was it. No need to plan and coordinate and expensive and time consuming installation. Better still, our solution was designed to accommodate all of the buildings, both existing and potential, in the client’s portfolio. There would be no need to redesign the system as new construction occurred. This efficient, forward thinking method of executing our engineering is part of what sets ECON apart.