Hotel Properties

600-Room Hotel

Washington, DC

Hotel Property


Systems: Hydronic, domestic, re-heat, laundry

Equipment: (2) 350 HP Low Pressure Hydronic packaged Boilers and Heat Exchangers

Solution: Fully assembled, tested and operational boiler and heat exchanger skids

Results: 42% energy savings


The hotel industry is a competitive market that relies heavily on local contractors to provide an on-site solution. At times Hotel Operations can be reactionary which creates a reliance on relationships with sales representatives and wholesalers for replacement components. Property engineers frequently hold to a “value-engineered” offering.


Our engineered solution offering included a fully-assembled, high-efficiency, pre-piped and pre-wired customized boiler skid designed to fit through the hotel lobby— the only access to the mechanical space. This package included replacement of the two 350 HP low pressure steam boilers with hydronic packaged boilers and heat exchanger skids to provide the domestic, hydronic, re-heat and laundry needs.

The package provided the owner with a simplified installation, virtually eliminating any shut-down time and reducing the risk to the contractor and customer. The package was fully assembled, tested and operationally vented with single-source responsibility before reaching the site. The modular package was assembled in the boiler room, tied into the existing system, and functional before the old equipment was removed. After commissioning, the overall results exposed a very serviceable system with 42% energy savings, and lower maintenance and chemical costs.