Multi-Family Residential Housing

Multi-Family Residential Housing

Miami Beach, Florida

Multi-Family Housing


Systems: Domestic Hot Water

Equipment: Boiler and Heat exchange skid

Solution: Virtual instantaneous and infinite hot water supply

Results: 42% net gas savings


Owners are often challenged when replacing systems at multi-family residential properties because of the speed of unity turnover and the time-intensive staff support necessary to see a project through to completion. As a result, maintenance frequently becomes overlooked, deferred or an afterthought.


Most often a system design would be lead with domestic hot water as a tenant priority. It is unusual for the actual load profile of the building use to be studied and designed to the usage style. The default sizing programs available usually provide a conservative guideline, but systems tend to be oversized by 50% to 75%, with large storage volumes provided by tanks. This creates two completely different challenges: the threat of Legionella, and the upfront cost of the storage volume as calculated. When ECON encountered this challenge for a Miami-based property we looked at the actual volume of water in the system and the usage profile before providing our recommendations. The multi-family living solution is a combination of repeatable selections and custom designs.

Our approach utilized the existing building design and reduced the required storage volume by creating a virtual instantaneous design. This eliminated the issues created by Legionella in a storage tank. This engineered solution is differentiated by a simplified design, reduced maintenance, reliability, and a 42% net gas savings.